I love her but she does not believe me at all.

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    I had a long-time girlfriend before of four years. Three months after celebrating our fourth anniversary, I caught her cheating with my friend. I caught them red-handed which is why I broke up with her without further explanation. I took the opportunity my work has given me to work abroad for three years to manage a project we were trying to develop in Peru. Everyone in the managing team and even some of the other workers knew I just came from a breakup so they persuaded me to go clubbing with them and play around with some Peru women while I was there. I decided to just get along. I played around with whomever I came across there. I guess that was my way of trying to cope up with the situation I was in. I was nicknamed as “el jugador”. It was okay at first until I developed feelings for this certain woman. However, I find it difficult for her to believe me because of what I did before. I did change, I courted her and showed her that I was genuine and my intentions are pure but she still doesn't believe me. How do you think should make her believe me?

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