I wonder when my ghost friend will be back.

Discussion in 'Dating Advice' started by kahlil1977, Jul 9, 2018.

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    Through an international dating blog, I met a friend. She is someone I can call a ghost friend because we haven’t seen each other since then. We have been chat mates for two months now and I think I already like her though I haven’t seen her yet. She’s very fun to talk to. I always find myself smiling in front of my laptop. We talked almost every day. By that, I was slowly falling for her. I don’t know why; she’s just very different. One time, she told me she’ll be out with her friends. It was Friday night. I waited for her to come back. I waited for hours. Then, hours became days and days became weeks. It has been one month now since that incident. I wonder when will she be back. Am I just wasting my time here? Should I stop this stupidity? I am planning to deactivate my account but a question keeps on lingering in my mind: what if she will really be back and can’t reach me? I don’t want that to happen either. It’s driving me insane. What to do?

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