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    Hello everyone, so there is a girl I see at work almost everyday. I've started off messaging her and we've been getting along together hence it didn't take me too long to start off flirting with her and judging by her responses she liked it or found it funny. I kept coming with funny teasing lines and moved onto building sexual tension and it was pretty obvious in my opinion, and she never seemed to hint or mention that it was awkward. We went on date for 5 hours and talked mostly about her personal life (she is pretty open). We both go to school and work on 2 jobs therefore there is practically no time for me to see her outside of work at which there is not much I can do. I'm a straightforward guy, so one day I was messaging her in a casual way and decided to test the water with few lines (now I think I didn't do it well), at the end I told her that I love her.
    "Um what" was her response.
    "Lol" I immediately followed up
    "Um well then" she said
    "Lol I guess I made a fool out of myself" - me
    "I'm sorry" - her
    So at the end she still wants to talk to me but I'm confused right now.

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