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    Hello I'm sorry for my bad grammar because im not from an english country, Im from Sweden (and im really stressed right now). This monday we started school and im 16 years right now so we have a different system but basically from 10-12th grade u will be in this school, 3 years. This school is very new to me as I came in a new class where i didnt know anybody and no1 knew me. Im still popular according to my old friends who goes other classes but in the same school or nearby schools. So I found this girl who was very good looking and interesting. I liked the way she talked and i liked her personality. Whenever she laughs it hurts me inside because im so in love if that makes sense. I want to laugh with her but im so shy. We have only been in the same class with 30 students in 3 days. I got on a scientific program and im not a nerd but i just like space. I want some advice and if you dont like my thread i wont mind but i want some advice from some experienced people. What should I do because she is with her friends most of the time (or all of the time to be honest) Im to shy to even talk to her, everytime im in class i look at her and wish that the time will go alot faster so maybe in several months the shyness will disappear and i can atleast be able to say something to her. I just wish that i could see or live in the future when we are walking besides eachother, having her in the back of my moped holding my hips. I just want to spend time with her and not to brag but im quite handsome but im just to shy. I only walk with my old friends and some new friends in my class because im so shy. In my class we are only 8 boys and like 23 girls so maybe thats an advantage? As I said I want some advice what should I do? I just wish that our teachers chooses us to work with eachother in the class and make some sort of presentation and then if the odds/luck is with me our teacher has chosen us two to cooperate. I havnt even talked to her or even said hello but im pretty sure she knows my name...

    I dont want to be official and write some private information our name any names but i just want some advice to please help me and if you have any question just ask me because after school taking the bus in 1 hour i will come on this website and i would be so grateful if someone responded...
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    The first step is just to get over the shyness. Find some reason to talk to her. I know that is easier said than done. It's best to just talk to her. Be yourself and try not to be afraid.

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