I'm not his beauty type, but maybe he likes me?

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    I'm a girl, that is stuck. I'm talking with this guy for more than a month, we met a few times and we are planing our meeting even in the future. I know that after this not long time there isn't a lot of possibilities that he likes me and so on.... But...
    He says all very little things like: i just came home, I'm with my friends.. Or having very much fun, I'll be home soon and so onm like these little things , that honesty... That I appreciate very much.
    Second, he wants to know why my past wasn't very beautiful, because he wants to know how to not to act, so i wouldn't get hurt again.
    Third, he sayd that im a very special person and that it makes him very happy that im blushing from his compliments and smiling always.. Fourth, he says that he hadn't got such amazing time in a long time. That he likes to talk, to meet me, to even sometime argue. To know me. He likes that..
    Fifth, i let him to pick movie for our 3 date and he is very nervous and doesn't say a name, or date.. He will say a few days before. And on the 4 date he is planning a surprise for me..
    But there's the problem, im not his beauty type at all... I mean, he said that himself.. He likes dark, curlie hair, blue or green eyes and a very big smile.. When I'm a blond, straight haired girl, with blue eyes and not a nice smile... What it means? Help me.. Im confused.. Very much.. Like, can i except something between us or like stay at the friend line and dont hurt myself? Help

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