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Discussion in 'Relationship Questions' started by lilythe, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Hey everybody! Im new here and really need your help. So theres this guy (duh duh duh) and we swim together. Everyone says that we both like eachother and i think that we do. I really like him... he always stares at me and we make awkward small talk and our friends push us together and whatnot. Well, hes a year older than me (we are both in hs) and hes moving on to a different section of the swim team. We do not go to the same school. Anyways, i was going to get his number last weekend so we could maybe stay in touch (it would be hard to form a relationship just out of that but it would be better than nothing) but he didnt show up to the meet! We will only have one year apart untill i join his part of the swim team, so i could just wait, but we really have some chemistry between us now! I really wanted his number, but i think it would be awkward to get it from a friend. (But i would be willing to do it) Should i just wait a year untill i see him again or get his number now to stay in touch? (Even if it dosent form a relationship)
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    (Oh p.s. i will see him getting out the pool some days and we might have meets together...)
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    Don't wait the year. A LOT can happen in a year and you may regret not taking a shot earlier. Does he have social media you can contact him through?

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