In love with my best friend

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    So I'm a 20 year old guy my best friend is a 30 year old woman. We are extremely close we both know everything about each other things noone else knows. The problem here is we were hanging out late into the night about a month ago I looked at her and something clicked in my head I realized then and there that she was the one it was like I was seeing her for the first time I realized then and there I was in love with her but she was in a relationship so I said nothing. The complicated part is a week ago again whIle we were spending time together as we do a lot we got talking about relationships... that's when she came out and told me she had fallen for me months ago she wasnt happy with her bf and she'd felt this way for months. She pulled the words I had been thinking for weeks out of my mind and spoke them to me... when she was done she looked me in the eye and that's when I told her everything that had weighed on me all this time. Fast forward to saturday of last week her bf left her. The question here is can it work. I know she loves me and I love her it feels right but can her and I be truly happy
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    Sure it can work... you won't really know until you try. It's worth a shot
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    Why wouldn't it work? It sounds like you have a great friendship and mutual respect. No relationship comes with a guarantee. Don't overthink it. Go for it!
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    Thank you both. It's funny I'm the guy my friends come to for advice when it comes to these things I've actually set up a few successful marriages. But when it comes to me I'm always at a loss not very good at this whole emotions thing

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