Interesting infographics about various sex and datig topics

Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by casanova28, Nov 4, 2017.

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    I found today this collection of infographics aboutdating, sex, sexual behavior, how people finding partners what we are seeking ,etc,etc so you may be interested it is funny and informative to see some facts:
    Sexual behaviour Numbers and Facts - (Infographics)

    Hope you will like it, just wanted to share, and if this is of topic or something than feel free to remove (I mean on moderator)

    Anycase this one was most interesting to me, because shows some "wired" stuffs.

  2. casanova28

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    This one is interesting too :) So where from you are? :)
  3. casanova28

    casanova28 Member

    No comments? :) :)
  4. LoveAdmin

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    well you are close to being banned for the link
  5. casanova28

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    Ok I am sorry, didn't know that I am doing something bad :(

    Feel free to remove this post in that case...

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