Is he interested in my friend

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  1. What is it

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    Just curious... someone I've been talking to a little.. he has met my friend once with me. After that without my knowledge he looked her up on fb, figured out who she was and how he knew her and remembered when and where. He sent her a request on fb( she told me) then when I was at her house tonight he calls and asked me to ask her if she remembered a specific time they had met at a bar when she was dating another man.. i had no idea of when or how he had met her before.. also last night he mentioned me and his best friend dating if we didn't work out, when I was surprised and asked him if he was handing me off he said no and suggested her to date him instead. ( oh and she has a bf currently)

    Any suggestions??
  2. Unnaturalthings

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    Yes, he's interested in your friend or he wouldn't be so, well, Interested. And yes, he's putting out suggestions that he does not have faith in you two working out as no man would imply his woman should date someone else "just in case." He is not putting you first. It doesn't sound like you're in too deep at this point, so seriously... cut this one loose. He's showing you no respect or consideration

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