Is it difficult to find a girl with similar interests?

Discussion in 'Sex Advice' started by HendriP, Apr 17, 2019 at 12:07 AM.

  1. HendriP

    HendriP New Member

    For me, a very important and incomprehensible question as the relationship with the girls is not very good, I do not know what the reason is, for more than a month the relationship does not hold
  2. Pinal_Bruki

    Pinal_Bruki New Member

    When I broke up with the girl, I could not forget about her for a long time, I even had fun with girls from all the same did not help, I always think only about her .
  3. HendriP

    HendriP New Member

    It is clear so to say, from extreme to extreme .. If everything is shit in a relationship, then you have to go fucking a prostitute. I'll take a note.

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