Is she just stringing me along?

Discussion in 'Break Up Forum' started by Iamscott, Dec 9, 2017.

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    My girlfriend I broke up about two months ago. She broke up with me. We have been hanging out here in there since then. We’ve even kissed a couple times. And the last time, about two weeks ago was a really great really long kiss.

    Throughout the next couple of days she started acting a little more into me again. Even sent a text saying “thank you handsome.” Which is something she hasn’t said to me since we broke up. The following day she invited me to come hang out her best friends house. A place we used to hang out together a lot. Well into the night after drinking a bit I kissed her again.

    This is when she explained that it makes it really hard for her when we kiss. She said the last time we kissed she couldn’t even think afterwards. And makes it hard for her to concentrate on herself and what she needs right now is to do just that... that it made her want me too much to concentrate on herself. I can’t help but feel that what she’s really saying is “it’s not you it’s me” . In fairness, about a month before we broke up she had to drop school for a while (she in cosmetology school) because she could pay the monthly tuition. And she’s been trying to find a better job so she can afford school and take care of herself financially. Thoughts on this?

    About a week ago she came over to help me with some work and we were flirting a lot. Then she started talking about the relationship again. I told her if she doesn’t want to be with me romantically or doesn’t see herself being with me again she needs to tell me. Well, she said “if I didn’t I would tell you. I just need more time to work on myself”.

    The the rest of the day she kept hugging me and kissing my neck which just confuses me. A couple days later she was telling she was sick and needed to go to the doctor but didn’t have the money or gas to get there. (She ended up with an hear and sinus infection) so I offered to take her to the express care. She ended up getting gas money from a friend and went by herself.

    After she got home she sent me a text saying thank you for caring so much hun. She never called me hun... I made a joke about calling me that and she said “you don’t like hun” I said nah just teasing. But I prefer “most amazing man in the world” it’s short but fitting.

    She responded with “hahaha you are pretty great” I said “see you’re getting it ”

    After that I said I’m glad she was able to get checked out and I’d talk to her later.

    She thanked me again for caring saying it really meant a lot. I replied “no worries” then she replied with ❤️... first time since we were together.

    Now all of a sudden she is a bit cold and distant again!

    My question is, is she just stringing me along? Or just keeping me around for emotional support? What should be my next move in this situation? I’m 37 she is 30. Also, I’m aware she very well could be hooking up with other men. It’s been two months. She has every right too.

    Sorry this is so long but thanks for reading!
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    This story rubs me the wrong way. She broke up with you, then still keeps you around, kisses you, and sends you flirtatious texts? Not fair. You're right- she's stringing you along. It's up to you to decide how long you want to wait around for her to figure her stuff out. If you keep hanging around taking whatever she throws out at you, she doesn't have a reason to make a decision or any changes. Food for thought.

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