Is there any Sign of Virginity lost in Men?

Discussion in 'Sex Advice' started by sreekumar, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. sreekumar

    sreekumar New Member

    In the case of women when virginity is lost hymen gets pierced and the absence of it is described as the sign of virginity lost. Similarly in case of men too there are signs. A thin membrane connecting foreskin of penis to its bottom part it torn during first penetration and can be termed as sign of virginity lost. But there is caution like in women's case hymen lost due to involvement in sports and other activity, in case of men it can be due to sever masturbation.
  2. doublelady

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    In America it seems like most men are circumcised, so there's no foreskin to show signs of having sex. A lot of girls I knew did gymnastics and rode horses as kids, so they didn't really have a hymen by the time they lost their virginity.
  3. sreekumar

    sreekumar New Member

    I was just describing possible signs in general. Under circumstances mentioned by 'doublelady' signs will miss as there are no other indication to show proof of having had sex.

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