Is this even real life? Trapped. Wife of 1 week stops sex out of nowhere

Discussion in 'Sex Advice' started by Mikey_married_man, Aug 7, 2017.

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    2 years ago I met this amazing person, fell in love with her. We had passionate, wild and mindblowing intercourse or/and outercourse almost every single day for the past 2 years.

    How I responded to this? I did the weirdest thing ever and married her... at very young age. We are both 20.

    One week into marriage I grab her and start stripping her. She turns towards me and says "no!"... already at this point I was scared, first time in ever she did not want to have intercourse or/and outercourse. I backed off, tried to start making love to her the next night but she just told me "I don't like sex, never liked it with anybody". We had huge discussion afterwords and she confessed that she has been faking everything, her enjoyment, her passion, her wildness, her naughtiness and her sexual drive just to get me to MARRY her. She gets orgasms a lot but for whatever reason she dislikes having em.

    How can she even do that? How can she fake everything, it cant be? Is this even real life? She was really passionate and wild... She grabbed my D everywhere, asked me to do her in the public places, do her all day long... She surprised me with sex so many innovative ways and so often. She was all about sex, sex and sex.

    I had no clue she faked everything. I still don't even believe her, it is just too fucking unbelievable. I can't even believe that 1 week into marriage she would drop this type of bomb towards me. I feel like my entire life is a lie, I feel depressed, stressed and extremely anxious. I got trapped super hard. I don't trust ANYTHING anymore, let alone her.

    Now it has been 4 months. Literally 0 sex times, 0 even sexual touching. I am slowly starting to believe her since I have tried everything example giving extra space, extra companionship and extra help with her stuff... Nothing just re-ignites her.

    I have lost faith towards marriage. I have lost respect towards religions that push marriages and slowly I am fading to atheistic side (I have been agnostic my entire life). I am feeling pessimistic about everything and it's getting worse every time she rejects me. Seems straightforward divorce right? There is nothing to be done. Right?
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    Huh, this is wired story, she sounds like wired person, I don't know what to say to you... :(
  3. LoveAdmin

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    Get out while you can. You are still young so there likely isn't much to split up, no kids makes it easy.

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