Is this girl interested in me or not? If so should I ask for her number?

Discussion in 'Dating Advice' started by gkar18, Jan 6, 2018.

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    I met this Christian girl that occasionally attends the events hosted by my church. Although she goes to another church, she and her sister have a few friends from my church (who are also mutual friends with me) and they usually attend our church's events whenever their friends are going to them and invite them. Anyways, this is the second time I see her there (this time it was at a New Year's Party). I noticed that she isn't the type of girl that usually talks to other guys a lot or initiate conversation with them at these events. But I noticed that she is different with me. She seems to like talking to me and initiate conversation with me. At the church New Year's Party, her older sister was there with her fiance (who she introduced me to). But the girl I like is still single. They were all sitting together on the same table (the girl I like, her sister, and her sister's fiance). She was the one that initiated conversation with me when she saw me that night. I also talked with her whenever I got the chance to that evening. But most of our conversations are just small talk and getting to know about each other a little bit. I noticed she always sticks with her sister a lot. She is 21 and is still in University studying Architecture for one more year. I am 25 and I finished school in electrical engineering a few years ago, but recently I have been out of a job because I was working on contract. So now I'm looking for another job. I always get the sense that she likes talking to me and is at the very least comfortable with me. But I noticed she stays with her older sister a lot. We also do hug when greeting each other and when saying goodbye. But I don't really think that means much because lots of girls at church do that with me. I'm friends with other girls too at church, but none of them talk to me as much as this girl seems to. As I was leaving the party, I went to her table to say goodbye to her. She hugged me again, told me to get home safe, and wished me luck on a job interview that I have next week and told me to let her know how it goes. I proceeded to then tell her that I don't have her contact info yet. She then told me that she thought we had already added each other on facebook. I told that we didn't. She then said that she will find me and add me herself. She still hasn't added me yet. The thing is she only knows my first name, so it's possible that she didn't find me. It's also possible that she forgot. Anyways, regardless of whether she adds me or not, I'm planning on getting her number next time. Would it be a good idea to try getting her number next time? What do you think? Do you guys think she might be interested in me or not? I thought she might be, but I noticed she didn't add me on facebook like she said she would. Am I overreacting? How do you think I should approach this? Should I continue to get to know her more before asking for her number? Should I just try being her friend if she gives me her number or should I straight away ask her on a date? Please give me tips on how to approach this as I have never asked a girl out. Thank you.
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    My first thought is honestly that if she were interested, she would already know without a doubt if you were connected to her on Facebook already.

    I could be 100% wrong. If I were you, the next time you see her tell her you'd love to see her outside of church events and give her your number. The worst she can do is not act on the offer, right?

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