John, you're doing this on purpose?

Discussion in 'Love Stories' started by eve.ashley, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. eve.ashley

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    Why is everyone in UK illiterate, or dyslexic at best?
    She is writing a fu*cking Cambridge Dictionary blog, she's got no em dash, uses en one instead, doesn't have inverted commas, her punctuation is the one of a 10 year old, her HTML sucks, and...

    You are doing this on purpose!

    Look I hung out with Shakespeare, this annoys me. How much are these people paid to be mediocre and often times lie and deceive the masses? Do not do this. Let me be dyslexic.

    If I remember myself and you are not here I WILL freak out!
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  2. eve.ashley

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    Who is she teaching English? Beginner level non natives, I don't get this. I just don't! People at the level below low intermediate, which is what she is pretending to be teaching, need a bilingual dictionary not f*ucking monolingual one, they get overwhelmed...So, who is she teaching? Her HTML is poking me in the eyes, is that how it's called?

    She is teaching beginner, elementary, pre intermediate stuff at a blog that only people from advanced group can read, typing like a dyslexic monkey.

    What is this place?

    Come back and have sex with me! I can't even!
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