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Discussion in 'Family Issues' started by Olive3739, Jun 17, 2016.

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    Opinions please....you are trying to work out a relationship with your kids father and you have custody already set along with child support. He rents the home you are potentially moving into. He makes approximately 3 times the amount of money you do and is ordered to pay only 75% of the child support recommended by the stae based on his income. He wants you to pay 40% of your income to him in rent and utilities and groceries. This equals out to more than his child support payments. You ask if he's willing to help you out in times of need like car repair type stuff. You also provide food and diapers for your child on your designated custody days. He says he cannot afford to help you with things like car repair. What is your reaction and opinions?
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    I think your kids father is uncomfortable with the entire arrangement and does not want to make things easy for you. But look critically, he may be making so much but have much on his plate.

    The best thing will be for you both to compromise; always think of the child/children and what will be best for them.
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    Always think about your children. Even I'm struggling now with lots of difficulties.:(
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    Unless you are planning to get back together do not live with your ex, not in the same house and not right next door. I think your husband charging his own kids rent, which is basically what he is doing is sad. When you made those kids he was making 3 times more than you did, you have ventured into making new human beings with a promise of his full financial support of the venture.Yet this seems to mean nothing now that you will not also suck his c*ock, make his meals and tidy up his home...I am sorry but your ex is PATHETIC.

    You are the one that has put your body through hell twice, and caused it irreparable damage so you can both have children, you did not adopt your kids. Now you are divorcing, he has no use for you, and he will charge his own kids rent, while paying only what he has to in child support. If I was making more than the other parent of my children I'd pay full amount of child support coz that is money for my children's standard of living and nobody would have to legally force me to give my kids as much as I can.

    This is why people should enter into a contract when they marry, like a prenup, and the woman who decides to bear children, or the person, of any gender, who decides to stay at home bugger their own career should be payed for each child, in case of a divorce, I am talking a lot. Trouble is most men or women with professional, well paid careers would never be able to afford kids if this was the case.

    If your pathetic ex who wants his kids to be poor-er when they live on your budget and who wants them to pay rent in his own home had to give you half a million in damages to your body and psyche for bearing him kids, (and yourself, too, hence only half mil not one mill), he'd be childless now, as he should be given how he's treating you...

    Do you know how much a surrogate mum charges?

    These, usually men, who pursue careers while their partner buggers their own, wrecks their body and spends 6 years of their life being pregnant/breast feeding their offspring, only to be taken for granted, sicken me ...I would feel the same if there were more dads staying at home, even though a dad never has to wreck his body and psyche and literally be food to your child for 2 years.

    Don't move in with him and don't poison your kids against him but also, do not cover for him either, let them discover what a prick their father is as they are growing up.

    He has to pay what he has to pay, you should live as far away from him as you can, in your own home, your kids are not losing too much from not being able to walk to the house of a dad who was going to make them pay rent.

    To think of your own kids means to also protect them from the other paretns selfish and sociopaths traits. To think of your own kids means to allow them to, slowly and when they can handle it, realize what an a'rse theny have for a dad. Again, never talk poorly of him, you said everything you need to say about him, by divorcing him, but do not defend him when they are 14 and realizing what an ar'se he is.

    He should get himself other tenants and you need your life and independence back. You share kids, he will always be their dad but he is no longer part of your life. Get a court ordered custody plan and you both stick to it, no need to be freinds.

    Don't do this man ANY favours he has screwed you over plenty, already, when you agreed top have children with him.

    Think about yourself, your needs and dating, as your kids are there for you to help them grow up and they will be gone, you should not live with you ex, even if he was a decent man who would let you live there rent free for the sake of your kids, as this would make dating impossible for you, nobody will hang around for you when you're living with your ex.

    However your ex is a poor excuse for a man or a dad.

    Think about yourself is not selfish advice, a frustrated person who neglected their own needs cannot be a good parent to anyone.

    Do not poison yourself or you kids against him, he is a piece of s*hit, process that fact and move on as best as you can. Take the child support you do get wish him to get what he deserves and move on.

    You do not need to be this psychos walkover any longer, that's not thinking of your kids that's letting a psycho victimize you. I can imagine he has done plenty of that while you were married as I cannot imagine this guy to be anything but a really bad husband.
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    I agree with you

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