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  1. Just trying to vent some steam off, fiance decided to come home LATE after work and saying I fogot I'm gonna grab dinner with my friend Amber. Ok no problem....she leaves at 630pm and it's now 120am the following MORNING!!!!! I'm trying not to be that guy I once was by calling or texting or going insan, jist I have issues with trust (from ex's cheating and myself cheating and knowing how and watch use to say do to get away with things) My fiance never gave me a reason to feel this way, was a small issue in the very beginning when her ex texting her a few times around 2 or 3am leaving the bar...i voiced my concerns and she quickly stopped the problem and all has been good (as far as I know) I'm annoyed she didn't tell me especially since I know it was planned (her friend is married and has four kids) so it's not like it could have been a spare of the moment thing. And I'm fucking boiling inside that dinner and maybe a drink has turned into a almost EIGHT HOUR BAR ROMP, I don't believe my girl would ever do anything but I can't say that 100%. We've been rocking for a long time, been 7 years together six living together and a little over one year engaged. Lately it's been about us not being able to have a baby, 8 months with no luck trying all kinds of cheap. Fighting over why she won't call the doctor back (doctor said call at 6months and my fiance would have to come back with me and take the next steps) and so forth. She's with her friend who is her ex's couple buddies since they dated, her ex still talks and hangs out with her friends husband...i feel since I don't get along with the husband and that my girl has been friends with her friend since they were like five years old that this night could easily be all a scam for a OLD HOOKUP? My fiance said she'd never ever want nor be with her ex (my fiance doesn't speak of her past other than family stuff ex's were never brought up) so I'm just letting my.mind race out of control, I'm just trying to keep it together before I go ape CRAP and head to this bar where my fiance is suppose to be

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