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    I am so sad to be here. Because of my husband's death, I am forced to seek a legal help from you. I got married in 2014, after being in a relationship for 2 years. The last 5 years were the golden period of my life as he was always with me and still, he is everything to me.

    Two months back, while returning after my friend's wedding party, we met with an accident. The car was driven by my husband, John. I couldn't remember what has happened there as it was a sudden accident. I am pretty sure, the mistake was not John's. As I got fainted, I don't know the things happened then.

    After some time, I realized, I was being hospitalized. Then I came to know, the car got completely collapsed and I lost John! I lost my existence completely. I was with my friend since then. But, I can't depend on her anymore.

    Now, I want to go for a fatal accident claim. I don't know the procedures for the same and came to notice some car accident lawyers in Toronto. Could you please help me find more details of death claims? I have heard, the claim should be made within a particular period from the time of an accident.

    Does anyone know more about this? Reply awaited. Thank you!

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