Left me for another girl I have questions

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    I was dumped at Xmas and I had asked to go to collingwood for Xmas day as restaurants were open. We were having issues before all this and I’m assuming he started this relationship before he left. Now today I found out he’s in collingwood with her. What does this mean? Why would he take her places I wanted to go? Also he left Day after Boxing Day and went straight to staying st her place. His parents are upset that he’s crazy. It sounds dumb of me to say it but he really wasn’t this type of man we are all floored. It’s a woman who just broke up with husband two months ago and I’m assuming they connected. But still it hurts he didn’t try us again first. Just curious why he’s moving so fast and why doing things I wanted to?
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    Don't take this personally, or read too much into it. Honestly. You can't ever truly know a person inside and out. It's clear to me that he has made his choice to be with this woman and this desire has eclipsed what he had with you.
    It doesn't mean that she is "better" than you or has something that you don't. Chemistry is a strange and unpredictable thing.

    Why would he take her places you wanted to go? Why not? He wants to be this woman, and apparently this collingwood place is somewhere special with romantic potential, or you wouldn't have wanted to go yourself. It may sound to you that he is moving fast, but you have no idea how long this has been in his head and heart. It may have even contributed to the demise of this woman's marriage as well. You just never know.

    You can analyze this to death, but it won't do you any good. He's made up his mind, and your feelings, unfortunately, were disregarded. I'm really sorry he chose to do this to you during the holidays!!! That must have been awful. Think of it this way though- any man that ends a relationship at Christmas and moves onto someone else the next day is pretty callous, and probably not an ideal partner for the long run anyways

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