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    Hai my name is Raj . Iam 18 years old . Recently my b tech classes are started. Many of the people might know that before that we have write intermediate exams . Yes, it was all started with those exams.i was hard worker. It was my first day for my exam. I sat on my bench and a bit tense.suddenly I felt my heart started to pain a little. you believe it or not after that a girl with a long hair was entered into the exam hall. as I said I was a hard worker , I completed my exam a little bit earlier. Without my concern my eyes started to move towards the girl. I dnt know what I started to watch her from the time of completion of my exam. To my surprise she completed her exam before than me and she was playing with her curly hair. And the exams were going on in a flow. No one could except the change that the brought in me. I use to pray to God everyday to give me control over my mind. But he dnt listened, but her thoughts increased. We dnt talk to each other at all.i use to complete our exams earlier and use to watch her pretty face n curly hair. Exams are finished and all students went to her home. When I was writing graduate exam I saw a girls back part , which seems to similar to girl I saw in exam. She went in a car , I failed to track that car. Many months took to forget the pain. I got a admission in a college , it was my first day. I swear to myself to get a good grade n good campus. I was talking with my side person, we introduced ourselves. Suddenly there was sound due to heavy wind . Meanwhile I saw the same exam girl. Suddenly the window glass was broken. After seeing myself I scolded my self a lot to control my mind. As I use to watch her everyday in college. I use to overcome my emotion. My professor said she was going to decide the batch by selecting people randomly 5 boys + 5 Girls. When mam called her name I managed hide my self .but destiny made me to get caught to her. She made me a batch with that girl.

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