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    was wondering how would you make friends with a girl and find a girl for a best friend that has the benefits of a girlfriend but no commitment. most seem to want a commitment and there are some people that dont want that.

    how and where do you find a girl to be your special friend that has the girlfriend benefits but never a commitment that doesn't want kids and just wants guy company same as you want girl company to have alone talks and hang around with and do whatever. what could you do, what can be done

    also want to ask how you'd find a normal best friend as well as the girl while still having your current friends, because your sisters best friend only lives about 15 minutes away and one of yours lives 4 hours away and other even though only lives short distance is busy with kids now.

    how would you make normal friends and be really good friends

    also to be able to have a regular place to have friends over what else can you put on a powered site thats as comfortable as a van without all that extra packing up and setting up.

    no point with camper trailers as you have to buy one or parts to build one and that's money you can put towards buying or building your van and tents are too hard and theres so much packing and setting up and theyre not as comfortable.

    what is a homemade teardrop worth in australia if you built one and when you got a bigger place sold it and got a van.

    how would you make yourself afford a cabin when you cant really afford one at moment

    really need some answers

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