Met a stranger, no news since then.

Discussion in 'Dating Advice' started by Lotse, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. Lotse

    Lotse New Member

    I need some "man philosophy advice" here. I happened to met a handsome and sweet foreigner guy in the public transport. It was around 1.00 am, I was with a friend and so was he. He was watching me and talking to a friend, and I was just giving him few glances (embarrassing). He finally talked to me, and ask me to sit on front of him so we can talk, and he did seem really sweet. As I had to get out soon out, we pretty much ended up asking them to go down with us, as their stop wasn't really far, and I really wanted to keep talking to those two nice guys. We talked, exchanged FB (as he was a foreigner, didn't come up to think about asking his number :bash:) . And I could feel he was trying to get close to me, but in a respectuous way still, just with little things.
    It was on Thursday, and I added him on Facebook few hours later. I know he has been online, but yet didn't answer my friend request. What could possibly happen in his little head, huh ? Why would he give me his Facebook if it was to ignore me then ?
    Anyway, I sent him a message, remembering him who I was. Because anyway, if he thinks I'm mad, I won't see him again, but pretty much the same thing is to happen if I wouldn't have message him.
    Such a long story.
    Thank you guys for your help.
  2. DonRich

    DonRich New Member

    You say he was a foreigner. Is it possible he can speak some English but not read or write it? Can you access his timeline on FB to see if he reads and writes English or does he only allow friends to access it? Sounds like you have done all you can to make further contact. It is anyone's guess as to why he hasn't responded. Any chance you could try using the public transportation the same time you did last time in hopes he will also?
  3. relationshippro

    relationshippro New Member

    As you said he is foreigner so may be he was looking for a company and may be because of that he exchange thing. I agree with DonRich about to access his timeline and other stuff so do it and keep patience if he will interested in you then he will contact you otherwise you know what you have to do
  4. Lotse

    Lotse New Member

    Yes, actually, I saw he's speaking english, as well as writing it, so I guess he understood my message ! I exchanged messages with his friend, who told me there were going to hike for some days, not knowing when they were coming back, and they'll let me know. I just thought it was weird the guy had time to post pictures, but not accept my request, nor answering my message (because he saw it).
    But you're right, I don't have much to do I guess. I don't crush on people often, but when I do, they have to be foreigner :thumb:. My good luck !
    Thank you for answering...
  5. sadum

    sadum New Member

    If he really liked you just like you liked him he will eventually reply you. Be a little patient and try not to start appearing desperate. You have invited him on facebook and sent him a massage reminding him who you are. The rest in on his hands. And there is also nothing you can really do if he ends up not replying, because that will mean he was not on the same page as yours. Some people can be just nice not looking for something more out of people they meet.
  6. Lotse

    Lotse New Member

    Yes, I don't think my message sounded desperate, tried to keep it short, and gave him my number in case he needs someone to guide him in town. It just sucks, I met him once, and just can't get him out of my head ! Never happened to me before, totally weird.
  7. Lotse

    Lotse New Member

    Plot twist : He answered, but actually didn't even accept my friend request, saying I was a stranger, and he didn't want strangers in his Facebook. I get his point even tho, it hurts haha. You know some guys just can't hold their arsenic. :watermelon: (sorry for the obscure reference).
    Unlucky a day, always unlucky :thumb: . Thanks guys, though.
  8. DonRich

    DonRich New Member

    Seems like a strange turn of events but at least you should now have closure. Even if that wasn't what you were hoping for, its better than not knowing where you stand.

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