My best friend got mad at me over a Peruvian

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    The moment I got back from my business trip, my best friend called me for a beer session. I agreed because it was a long time since we saw each other. When I arrived to the place he was in, my best friend was already dizzy. I approached him and asked what was going on with him. He smiled and told me he was almost gone crazy over Peruvian women. He was referring to his good for nothing ex-girlfriend who cheated on him with a foreign man. I told him there are more Latin Americans who are hotter and more faithful than his Peruvian ex. He got mad at me because of that. He started to point his fingers at me. I told him I just want him to move on with his life because his ex was stupid and he does not deserve a woman like her. After saying that, I was awarded with a punch on the face. Did I say something wrong or he just loves her that much?

    Moral for that night: Never badmouth your best friend’s ex.

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