My best friend is courting me.

Discussion in 'Relationship Questions' started by samantha271991, May 18, 2018.

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    More than a year ago, I met this patient and faithful guy in a local church gathering. I wasn’t expecting that he’d become my best friend since I see it as so good to be true. Little did I know that I’ll fall in love with him as time goes by and that the feeling is actually mutual. Last Sunday, he confessed his feelings to me and I felt so unmoved. I just can’t explain it-- I believe I’m falling for him badly. I really wanted to give my “yes” to him but I’m quite afraid of one thing: that he’ll see me as “no way better” than his ex. Her ex broke up with him last 2016, ditched her with another guy and got married. I love him but I just don’t want to become a bandage for his wounded heart. Shall this prevent us from going into the next level or shall I strip my fear away? I badly need some advice.

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