My boyfriend finds me fat

Discussion in 'Break Up Forum' started by Riri89, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Riri89

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    Hi all,

    Me and my boyfriend well fiancé actually have been together for almost 8 years. We always had our ups and downs but made it. My bf is someone who really cares for looks and beauty. There was a time when I got was but got sick. He does not like that because he wants a skinny gf. I used to promise him I would loose some weight unfortunately i am not losing a lot. I weight 189 pounds. He said he does not find me attractive and because of that he does not gives me any attention, he is always with friend and when we are together he is always on his phone. It really sucks because at the moment I really need him as I am facing a difficult situation. I did so much for him like literally everything in his life. Paid his holidays ( Dubai, New York, Miami, London, Spain), do groceries, buy clothes, gifts, pay half rent and many more. I made some mistakes like promising to lose weight and I did not succeed and now he blames me for everything. I really love him but I think I should break up.

    What u guys think?
  2. Soul-searcher

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    Yes, leave him, you are worth much more than that!! It is better to be alone and respect yourself than to be with a guy like that. He does not respect you at all, he uses you. I wonder if he looks like a male model, otherwise I can't figure out how he can have such high standards. He sounds like a spoiled brat! Do nice things for yourself, don't let anyone else take away your shine, weight gain or not, you still deserves respect and not to be defined by your weigh!
  3. Unnaturalthings

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    Yup, leave him. You sounds like an extremely generous fiance and he has no right to use your weight gain as a license to treat you like garbage and neglect you. If he is that superficial he doesn't deserve you. It's HIM, not you sweetie

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