My gf is younger than my daughter. How do I bring it up?

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    I met my girlfriend online through a dating site called LoveMe. We’ve been in a relationship for a few months now, but I never got the chance to bring this up with my daughter because she’s been so preoccupied with her own family the past year. My girlfriend is 28 years old while my daughter is 30.

    She recently gave birth to her first child and I’ve been racking my mind on how I could bring this topic up with her. The new year is fast approaching and my girlfriend is planning to join us for the festivities here in Florida.

    Everyone will be there and I’m wondering if this would be the perfect time to tell my daughter about my girlfriend. If I do get to talk to her about it, the next problem would be on how to start the conversation. I’m foreseeing this event to be incredibly awkward between the two of them so I really need some advice on this.

    One important detail to keep in mind is that I am a widower and it hasn’t been that long of a time since the unfortunate event. Now, my daughter has always been supportive of the choices I make and she wants nothing but what’s good for me, there’s no denying that.

    The problem now is that she may not be ready to accept that I have a new relationship and with everything that she’s going through right now, I’m afraid to just burden her some more. I love both my daughter and my girlfriend very much and I really want them to get along well. I see a bright future with my gf now even with the long distance and everything.

    The only factor that remains is how my family would react after hearing the news. Are there any other things I need to consider? How to break the ice with my daughter? Any kind of advice will gladly be accepted. Please help!!!
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    You should discuss this stuff to your girlfriend first and have plans as well, and on how get close to your daughter before you introduce her as her stepmom. And make sure that you show it to your daughter how much you love each other. I'm sure they will get along with each other if everything is set up and was according to plan.
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    I legit saw this headline and thought to myself "It's going to be about LoveMe or A Foreign Affair" Ding ding ding! LOL

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