My kid is looking for a mom. What should I do?

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    I have been widowed for a year. My wife died of a surgery complication. Now, I’m left with our kid. For months, he has been looking for a mother. At the same time, I’m seeking for a wife who can love me, care for me, and love my child as her own.

    While travelling to Colombia for business, I saw a group of Americans my age. I asked them what brought them to Colombia. One of them told me they are clients of a Foreign Affair. They were there to meet women to date and marry them in the future.I immediately searched about AFA. I knew that this is a matchmaking agency which is a sure answer for single dads like me.

    Now, I’m one of the clients. I will be attending the tour in Asia next year. I even told my son that he will be having a mom soon. Soon enough…

    Did I make the right decision? Do you think this is the answer to raise my son well? Guys, I really need your opinion, I hope you respond to this! Have a great one!
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    I am so sick of these "Foreign Affair" troll posts....

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