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    So my ex-girlfriend broke up with me about 8 months ago. We had been together for about 8 months and were living together for about 7 months. Shortly after the breakup she went back to her old boyfriend, how I've been told not only by my ex gf but also her friends treated her badly. During the breakup me and my ex were in contact and even went out for dinner a couple of times and had sex. The last time she slept at my place she left in the night, said she had to protect herself. Don’t know if she meant from her feelings for me or just something she said? After a couple of months of no contact I started texting her again but got a very angry reply, saying that here old bf was thinking that we were getting back together and that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her old bf. A couple of months later it was her birthday. I was thinking about sending her a message but didn't, asked my brothers girlfriend the day before she told me it was good that I didn’t. She is one of my x-gf oldest friend and went to her birthday party the following day. My friend send me a text that night telling me they are now engaged. Were not in contact with my ex for about 4 months. X-mas is very important for her, so I send a text the day after x-mas “Merry X-mas! Hope you are doing well and are having a nice x-mas”. Send it on WhatsApp and noticed that she more or less immediately read the text, no reply which I wasn’t expecting. Don’t know if that is a good or bad sign or doesn’t really matter? The day after I missed a phonecall with no caller ID (have never previously recieved phonecall with no caller ID and i'm sure it wasen't any telemarketer), I’m pretty sure she spend her x-mas abroad. Don’t know if it was her or someone else. Her reasons for the breaking up, she thought we didn’t want the same things in life. After the breakup I realised that I hadn’t been clear enough about what I wanted and my feelings for her. I know we want the same things in life but I guess it’s too late for me to make her understand that we do want the samethings. I know she has moved on and is in a new relationship, and that I need to move on. But I still miss her a lot. Will not contact her again since she hasen't responded to my last text, don't want to appear as a crazzy stalking ex bf and I need to move on. I think she knows what I feel and that I want her back or she might not even think/care about it at all.

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