My mom's encouraging me to date online

Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by yourguyPS_1971, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. yourguyPS_1971

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    I really don’t understand my mom. She wants me to take part with online dating. Maybe because I’m old already. She said foreign dating events are successful and I should be involved with it since she doesn’t want me to die single. The thing is, I’m not sure of it. She even created a profile for me to a dating site. What should I do? I don’t want to offend her by saying no, all she wants is my happiness. Please help!
  2. drsky

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    Hello there,
    You can just try it and see what happens online. Alternatively, there are speed dating(live), lunch dates and matchmakers whom you can take help of. Check it out in your neighborhood.


    And pray to GoD daily(for GOD is love) and help couples and singles seeking love and marriage as much as possible, so that positive karma/action will bring love into your life.

    Wish the best
    Dr Sky
  3. casanova28

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    You didn't say how old are you?
  4. Stolenstar

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    Your mom just wants you to be happy. That's is every mother wish for their children. Life is short so enjoy every minute of it. Having someone to share life experience is a life worth living. visit. www.
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    Well you may try some of the online dating sites if you don't have rich social life, it can't harm and maybe you can meet someone, open account on all free sites with a large audience and try to talk with girls, that would be nice starting point...
  6. kathe25

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    Your age has made your mom worry about you now. So you should make the first step for your online date. Find out some apps or websites to chat with people and know how to do that. The guide you should know how to keep safety hookup dating online.

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