My parents don’t know I met my fiancee online

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    I met my girlfriend through a romance tour last year in Ukraine. Since my visit there, we have been constantly communicating online and have even met each other in person several times afterwards. During my last visit, I proposed to her and we’ve decided to live together here in the United States.

    She has booked a ticket to come over here for the first time and join my family for dinner. During the gathering, that is when me and my fiancée will share the news with my parents but I have no clue how I can pull this off. They already known about our relationship, but I never told them how we met.

    They’re the type of people who are skeptical about online dating and how international relationships work. I’m really nervous and I don’t know how to tell my parents about how I met my fiancée. I’m hoping it won’t be too awkward and that things will go smoothly. Hopefully, they’ll give us their blessing if I can pull this off the right way.

    Are there any ice breakers I should know about with these types of things? I really need some help and advice regarding my situation. I’m open to any opinions and suggestions you guys have to offer and would highly appreciate it! Thanks so much in advance!

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