My sister's husband is so annoying.

Discussion in 'Family Issues' started by tanner30, May 10, 2018.

  1. tanner30

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    My sister’s husband annoys me so much. He is a know-it-all. He makes it seem like he knows everyone or that he has done everything we are about to do. For instance, if I talk about business, he butts in and makes the conversation about his own business. If I talk about drinking, he won’t stop talking about him drinking and all of his fun drinking spree. He makes everything all about him. He listens a bit to your story and then the rest of the conversation is about him. I feel like this dude’s narcissistic. I kinda feel bad for my sister. I did warn her that she might meet weirdos in international brides dating parties which she attended. I have no idea why she actually married this dude. Maybe love is not just blind, maybe it’s also deaf.

    How do I tell my sister about this? Should I talk to my parents about this? I’m just really so annoyed by him. Wish I addressed this before they got married but I never really seemed to notice this before.
  2. Peter James

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    Do not communicate with your sister's husband and you will not have problems! That you're into someone else's family. You better get yourself a boyfriend.

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