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    Hi everyone i am 34 y.o and no boyfriend since birth. Somehow it's a choice because i want to focus on my career. But things had changed when I worked abroad. I was working with this egyptian guy who is a married man. The 1st few months I just consider him as my senior because I know that he is married and I also met his wife and kids. I was never attracted to him. Until he gave me his 1st bday gift a necklace. Of course for me having no boyfriend eversince I find it very sweet. But prior to that he really showed me that he appreciates me with my work. Those gestures of him makes me look at him on different view because it's a 1st experience for me to be appreciated by somebody of the opposite gender. I try not to entertain such thought because I know it's not right and maybe he is just kind to me. As years past we still work together him being still my senior and our relationship as friends develop that we become comfortable with each other. Sometimes we spend hours of chatting discussing different things because I also prevent myself from doing things that might cause any trouble. Time come that he needs to stop working in the company and in his last day we talk. He told me that my friends loves me and he also loves me so he wants for me to have a better future and to get married. I smiled and told him that it's not in my mind yet. But my friend told me that he said he wanted to marry me maybe in the future. I did not think of it seriously but somehow it makes my heart flutter. I always think of his family that's why I ignore any feelings I might have. However, though his back to his country our communication continues. At this point there's a part that we would tease each other. He would send me an icon like this. We exchange sending pictures and if I don't think that mine was good he will keep on telling me that I'm beautiful and that he miss me a lot. But I don't tell him I miss him too because I know if I do that it's like admitting that I have feelings for him. After several months he return to our company and he requested to be assign to our branch. He didn't tell me that he will come back. He said he wanted to surprise me. The 1st time we meet again we just shake hands then told me how can he kiss me because we are inside the office with other employees. I just smiled and think of it as a joke. And again he becomes my senior. But this time maybe because he misses me a lot he keeps on giving me food and he offered to me his tea to try the taste and I told him on the same cup? He said no problem. Then when I drank he said I will be running after him. Then at times he will offer half of his food and told me that if I eat it I will never leave him because I'm also due for vacation. Our relationship at this time is like good friends. On my side I feel something; I think I've fallen for him. I don't want to admit it because I know I will just be hurt. And he seems to be friendly to everyone. I also saw on his phone he got so many selfie on one of his colleagues too and they look very sweet. I know I should not scan his personal files.
    My concern is am I getting a wrong signal from him? I get so attached with my feelings for him because of how he showed to me that he is concern with me and he appreciates me a lot. I don't know how to deal with this situation because I never been this close to a man (not family related) even before. I know I get jealous if he spend too much time talking to others because I get used of him sharing to me anything. I never had a boyfriend but I think I've been broken-hearted already.
    I just want to know your views about my situation.
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    Perhaps part of your attraction for this man is because he is unavailable, therefore you don't have to risk being hurt or breaking focus on your career. Nevertheless, he is a married man. Take a step back with this one.

    PS Life is short. Don't spend ALL of it on your career! Love is the best thing about life :)

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