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    Looking for advice.
    My wife of 20 years travels 2 to 3 times a year overseas. I know she has to do this as it is for work. However it drives me crazy when she is away. I become a basket case. We do talk when we can but with a 12 hour time change it’s very difficult. She is either out with business associates and meetings while I’m at work or I’m just getting out of bed as she heads ot for supper. She does text me when she can but not the same.
    We just had our 20th wedding anniversary and I know I’m driving her crazy texting her and getting upset cause she can only give me 10 min to talk. I feel so stupid getting upset at her when I know it’s out of her control.
    Why do I let this bother me so much. It’s not a trust issue a totally trust her. I just can not understand in my own head why I let this bother me so much.
    She is away in China right now. This trip is 16 days for her. We are 9 days in and I wanna pull me hair out. The only think keeping me sane is that this time I have decided to surprise her. She ends her trip in Bangkok Thailand and I have booked a flight to meet her there her last day. I have arranged everything from changing her flight home. Arranging things through work and planned a two week trip through souther Thailand to celebrate our anniversary. I am a little nervous as this means she will be away for an entire month and I don’t want her to get homesick. I know by the end of her trip she will be so ready to come home and yet I am showing up to tell her she not going home for another two weeks. Her colleagues at work have know about this and have really helped to make sure things are covered at her work end.
    I have gone shopping and packed her an entire suitcase for warm hot weather as she only took limited light clothing as most of her business trip was in the north of China.
    I hope I’m making the right move here.
    I have rented the presidential suit in a hotel in Bangkok for the night I arrive. Ouch that hurt. However I wanted to make it the best surprise I could. We are then flying to a 5 star resort in Koh Lanta. I know she will love this place. Thailand has always been on our bucket list but I have always held us back as I can’t imagine flying for 20 hrs. I still can’t but I leave Tuesday.
    Any advise or thought is much appreciated.

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