Need help setting up my new woman profile. Any tips?

Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by hazeP32, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. hazeP32

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    I’m over thirty and now single, following a 7-year-old relationship. I want to give online dating a shot, but I don’t really know how to use these sites or apps. Any tips for setting up my new woman profile? I appreciate any tips or suggestions
  2. Your Ex

    Your Ex New Member

    Just make sure you have the best possible photos. In online dating - this is a crucial detail.
  3. drsky

    drsky Member

    Hello there,
    Choose a good online site with good reviews. If you are looking for a serious relationship, then go to those sites like eharmony where many have an intent towards serious relationships.
    Post your good photos, formal, informal / casual look. A little abt yourself so one has an idea, what it is you are looking for in brief.
    If you are going to meet someone initially, meet at a public place in the day time.
    See how it goes.

    Online chemistry different from offline meets.
    You can alternatively try for speed dating / professional match making services.
    And pray to GoD daily(for GOD is love) and GOD CAN bring you love and help couples and singles seeking love and marriage as much as possible, so that
    positive karma/action will bring love into your life.

    (do browse thru the website below)
    Wish you the best,


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