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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Stellar5, May 7, 2017.

  1. Stellar5

    Stellar5 New Member

    Hi. Im Stella. Been with my boyfriend for a year and 8 months. Its all good BUT currwbtly we are in quite of a pickle.

    It's your normal LOGICAL vs. EMOTIONAL relationship.

    So yeah. That's why I signed up. Need advice from y'all on how I can cope up with thia since i really wanna keep my man. I'm the emotional one btw, but not the strict, controllong, checking-his-facebook kinda girl.

    Hell, i dont even ask for his password. Hehe.

    I trust him but yeah. Just having a hard time with THIS kind of realtionahip and I wanna know how we can both survive.
  2. Cellardoor

    Cellardoor New Member

    Hey Stellar5,
    It's good that you're not the clingy type because it ain't attractive and also means there's no trust.
    What's been going on with the both of you?
  3. samsandy

    samsandy New Member

    im Sam from India

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