Odds of long distance relationships? Advice please

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    I’m usually an optimistic person in all aspects of life. However, I could not say that I am really optimistic about my relationship right now. It’s not the easiest as anyone would imagine. There’s a lot of struggle and hard work required to make the whole relationship work out. It can get exhausting.

    I’ve been in a relationship for a few months now with my girlfriend that I meet through LoveMe. My partner alone is nothing to worry about. She’s the best thing anyone could ask. But, I can’t say the same thing about our situation. We’ve in a long distance relationship since the beginning and sometimes the miles can play tricks on our minds. It gets really lonely sometimes.

    I’m now considering the odds of our relationship. Is there a big chance for this thing to work out? Do many long distance relationships work out? I heard from some that the distance works for them while in other cases it doesn’t. The uncertainty just scares me. What if I get too invested in this relationship but it just fails in the end?

    I need advice on what I should do. I need advice if I should just end this or continue this. I love her, I do. But, I don’t want both of us to get hurt more than how it would hurt if we break up now. Please help me.

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