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Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by BungaloBill70, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. BungaloBill70

    BungaloBill70 New Member

    Does anyone have any favorite online dating sites?
  2. jessinlove

    jessinlove New Member

    Absolutely! I tried eHarmony, PlentyofFish, OkCupid and My favorite was, by far, eHarmony. Yes, you have to pay a bit more for it, but I found that it provided me with better matches than the other sites. I met my husband on eHarmony, and we have been happily married for over four years now. My second favorite was because of the number of matches and decent mobile app. OkCupid had a lot of creepy people looking for one-night stands. PlentyofFish didn't give me very many matches at all.

    If you can afford it and want to find the love of your life, I would recommend eHarmony. If you just want to date a lot of interesting people, then I would suggest that you give a shot.
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  3. garrodrebecca

    garrodrebecca New Member

    There are so many online dating sites. You have to choose it by yourself that which one is the best for you. So keep enjoying
  4. Andreas45

    Andreas45 New Member

    When I've seen her it was like I saw an Angel... she had blonde hair and beautiful smile and I was fall in love at the first sight,
    But it was just in the site and I've thought "if i'd write to her, answer she to me?" I used my chance and send her tenderness words: "never seen such beauty! If only I can be allowed to hear your "Hello" to me, I'll be the happiest man in the world!" And she made me the happiest man! We started writing with each other and now we are the great, big and friendly family! I think that we should use our chances for happiness, risk for love!
    By the way her name was Maria as the name of the site, www maria-club com
  5. Trellum

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    International Cupid :) I met my fiance over there, and ever seen we are inseparable. We have had our ups and downs, but so far everything is ok. The first year it was so hard, but we have overcome all the possible barriers and obstacles so far. I don't know about the future, but today we are fine! I tried other sites like POF but i only met losers over there.
  6. LoverLips702

    LoverLips702 New Member

    Plentyoffish is an ok free site. You can meet people who want relationships, or ones that just want to hook up. The drawback is that there are sometimes too many fake profiles.
  7. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy New Member

    One Online Dating site that I know that is legit is....Interpals.. But you should be careful because there are some people who are not telling their real identity on this site. It is just a matter of luck.
  8. jonathan c

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  9. wind005

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  10. Kevin1q2

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  11. Chrisstar

    Chrisstar New Member

    Yep, I'be been on and met my love over there!
  12. casanova28

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  13. John Peres

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    You can find number of dating sites. I am not using any dating site, but I use a website where anyone can get advice and tips for dating relationship. Also I often participate in forum to get in touch with other users who are looking for better relationships.
    You can try it out
  14. casanova28

    casanova28 Member

    Nice (fresh) list of dating sites can be found here, but most of them are "hookup orinted" :) If you want real dating then mainstream sites like pof, oKcupid and are what you are looking for.
  15. yes, just give a dating review for sugar daddy dating and meet sexy sugar baby, you can try to meet one
  16. casanova28

    casanova28 Member

    Forgot to say: since there is so many dating / hookup sites, you should profile on some way what you want, for example, if you are in 20s and look for girl in 20s for meeting in your city, then taka a loot at various sites and try with this one which has most members satisfying those criteria. Hope you understand.
  17. Pavle

    Pavle New Member

    Yes DonnaDate is great dating site, there are so many beautiful girls from EU, they are real and looking for love. I meet with girl from Serbia, she is beauty and thank to I am happy man today :)
  18. Pavle

    Pavle New Member

    Yes DonnaDate is great dating site, there are so many beautiful girls from EU, they are real and looking for love. I meet with girl from Serbia, she is beauty and thank to I am happy man today :)
  19. Viatcheslav Chernov

    Viatcheslav Chernov New Member

    I have been a member at for a while and they are really care about their clients. And every suspucious account get removed very fast. Try them
  20. ethanyoung

    ethanyoung New Member

    I don't have much experience with dating services. But the only one I was lucky using to find my wife was this Ukraine dating service. Highly recommended!

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