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Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by BungaloBill70, Sep 18, 2011.

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    I see many people mention this site. Maybe I'll try, I'm single for a long time
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    It is similar topic for me. My last relationship was painful. Girl told me that we can be only friends. So, I decided try to find another girl on the internet. My coworker recommend me to check this place Welcome to the great website where he met beautiful Ukrainian girl.
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    To reach the goal, you need to try many sites, not just POF, many of them and to be consistent, that is what makes success, trust me :)
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    as i saw so many sites for online dating are not good as they are mentioned in advertisements only few have that can be considered real dating online sites i found tinder much helpful but to meet unknown it is a challenge which need to be accepted Donnadate is good there are so many europion girls out there
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    Tinder is ok, but there other services / apps / sites that are also good even better, trust me :)
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