Painful sex, even though doctors assure everything’s fine

Discussion in 'Sex Advice' started by Callummax, Dec 26, 2017.

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    So i’m A guy posting this on behalf of my girlfriend.

    We can’t have sex, it’s increadibly painful for her.

    I was her first sexual partner, and at the start, we assumed that it was simply her being a virgin and typical pain!

    But, As time went on, it never particularly got any better, so we simply accepted to the fact that we were never going to be able to sleep together

    She went to the doctors to have it checked out... she had ultra scans, and has been looked at by various gynaecologist, and they all simply turned round and said that nothing is wrong... it all looks exactly as it should!

    It’s now getting to the stage where it is putting a strain on our relationship! We have been together 2 years, and listening to my friends and colleagues about what they get up to, has made me realise that we shouldn’t simply give up!

    But neither of us know where to start!

    Any ideas?

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    Sounds like a mental issue, is she religious?

    Try using a narrow dildo that she is comfortable with to masturbate her, and gradually increase the size of dildos until it reaches the diameter of your penis.

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