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    I do feel like a complete idiot right now . Last night i had a dream about my current love my ex and me and then i woke feeling uneasy and not sure about some things like why do i feel something heavy inside my chest and then i had a thought about my ex those days when he is the reason for my smile and happiness and the reason for my almost everyday tears because he leave me hanging alone in an unknow relationship i dont know if i should even consider it calling a relationship he left and miggrated in canada leaving me alone here in the philippines days had passed and he let me feel that distance between us can break us easily and then i did broke up with him and one day i saw him in the social media with some girl which is his girlfriend i stayed single for years and then god gave him to me my current love he gave me all the attention and time that my ex didnt grant he is the reason that i did learn to smile he treat me like a princess and their is nothing i had to ask from him beacause grom hes action he shows that he really love me and i had no doubt about that but he is sooo childish a simple dream made me think something that i shouldnt have. Im comparing the two my current love and my ex and right now om not really sure about what i am feeling it looks like i have aomething for my ex but i love my current love i dont know what to do and what to feel

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