Please help. Does he fancy me and what do I do next?

Discussion in 'Dating Advice' started by melissa3, Dec 27, 2017.

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    I have seen a particular tribute act of a famous British singer three times (let’s call him G). The first time was my birthday in 2015, the second time was my birthday in 2016 (he wished me a happy birthday on stage). Then a Christmas do last week. There is another tribute act I follow, I saw them Tuesday night and Wednesday night I was seeing G. Monday night I tweeted both tribute acts “I can’t wait to spend 2 days seeing you” with selfies of me with both acts. I didn't think he'd remember/recognise me on the Wednesday night.

    Wednesday night, I was excited to see him as the real singer doesn’t perform anymore. I haven’t seen G many times, three times over a long period. During the gig, I got lots of attention from G, he sang to me lots, took my camera and turned it round to film me, just being flirty and fun. At one point he said “I’m giving you too much attention”. I didn't think anything of it. I wasn’t phased because tributes are outgoing like that with a crowd as it's usually part of their performance although I did think we perhaps had more interaction than anyone else in the crowd.

    After the gig he was putting his equipment away. A woman asked him for photos, he said he’d come out after. When he finished, he came out. As he walked towards a long line of women waiting for him, he walked past me and squeezed my arm. I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought he was being friendly. My friend and I waited until everyone had photos with him before we went up as we wanted to be the last ones. When I was the next person, he held out his arms to hug him which I did. At that moment, he went straight for my lips, I panicked, swerved my face for him to kiss my cheek. He asked “You’re not gonna kiss me?” I didn’t respond much to that comment, I just laughed it off, we had photos, we talked a little bit, then he went to hug me again and whispered “Why won't you kiss me?” My reply “Don’t be a naughty boy" in a flirty way. I didn't kiss him because it was so unexpected but I'm glad I didn't because I don't want to be too easy now do I?

    My question is what do you think of this? Does he fancy me or not? And what shall I do/say next time I meet him?

    He’s a top act and I want to see him again because he’s amazing live but don’t want it to be awkward.

    I am intrigued and want to see if there is a genuine spark there. He wasn’t like that with any of the other woman. It was obvious he was singling me out with all the attention he was giving me and even said it to me in front of a crowd of people. Just so you know, he's quite a bit older than me (15 years) but I do go for older men. He is definitely single by the way if anyone is wondering.

    I just don't know how to proceed with this so any help would be great!
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    First things first- am I getting old or is it kinda inappropriate to come at you with a public kiss when you haven't actually gone there yet? Just sayin. It does sound like he was flirting, but then again he's a performer! He is supposed to be charming and engaging and flirtatious with his fans, especially ones that keep coming back to admire him.

    So you say you posted yourself with pics with him on does he have Twitter and would have seen this? If he really likes you, he will be following you/tweeting back at you. Has he tried to make contact other than the standard public photo ops? Slipped you a phone number? Hit you up on social media? Men generally like to pursue, and a guy like this will have his share of pursuers himself. If you want to stand out from the groupies let him be the one to come to you

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