Possible office romance?

Discussion in 'Relationship Questions' started by Jane, Aug 13, 2017.

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    Ok so I've been working at this place for a couple of months now and this business is owned by a husband and wife. Well a couple days ago I met this oldest son for the first time. I've already met their other son and daughter. Well I know I'm overthinking this but i thought it would be fun to entertain the idea by asking for your opinions lol. Ok so a couple days ago I was at work and I come out of my room to see one of my bosses and a young guy next to him at the front desk talking to my co-worker. I'm 25 and he's 26 I come to find out later. Well we made eye contact, but I looked away so I wouldn't be staring and continued with my duties. I eventually head over to the front desk to clock out for lunch and I look at my boss to give him a chance to either say hello or to introduce me to this guy. But he didn't look back and continued his conversation with my coworker so I walked away to the kitchen, I didn't even look at the guy while doing this. But next thing I know he walks into the kitchen and introduces himself to me and we shake hands. I felt there was a lot of eye contact from this point on and he rambled on about how I must of met his other siblings already and then he rushed out saying sorry and that it was nice to meet me. lol I definitely felt a lot of tension especially since the kitchen isn't very big so we were pretty close to each other, I don't know if he felt it too or not lol. What do you guys think? You think he was just being polite?
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    Tough to say. It kinda sounds like it. He kind of hunted you down to introduce himself personally...

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