Relationship & Friendship...?

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  1. sabeerakhan00

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    Hello friend,

    Please tell me, Whats the difference between Relationship & Friendship...?
  2. relationshippro

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    A friendship is a relationship, technically, but a relationship is not necessarily a friendship.

    You can have a bad relationship with someone (maybe you don't get along, or you used to but have had a falling out) and then you would not be friends...or you can have a good relationship -- you are friends.

    Sometimes people use the word "relationship" to imply a romantic relationship, so the word "relationship" has that connotation. You would not say in conversation that you are "in a relationship" with your best friend, but you would say that about your boy/girlfriend/wife/husband.

    The answer to your question depends on whether you mean "relationship" generally (in which case, my first answer would apply) or in terms of a romantic relationship (in that case, the only way to find out the answer is by looking at individual relationships to see if they're romantic or platonic!)
  3. sadum

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    I also agree with the above post, friendship is a relationship as well, but it is a type of a relationship between people who have similar likes and similar vision of life. A relationship is usually referred to a love affair between two people.
  4. I am agree with realationshippro and i think friendship is a part of relationship.
  5. SamFox

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    A relationship is how you are connected to another person. You have a 'relationship' of some kind with every person you meet. Whether it be as an acquaintance, a good friend, a lover, a family member, an enemy etc. These are all kinds of relationships. To say you are in a relationship, however, is generally used to describe a romantic relationship of some description.

    A friendship is a connection to another person where you support each other and enjoy each others company (as well as many other things, if the friendship is good). Most romantic relationships involve friendship, though there are some cases where this is, unfortunately, not the case.
  6. susanwalters

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    If you're just friends, then you feel genuinely happy if your friend is dating someone,If you're in love, then you find a reason to never be happy with your friend's significant other,f you're just friends, then you feel 100% comfortable around your friend at all times. If you're in love, then your friend may make you feel a little nervous.
  7. Brett Ellis

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    In friendship there is no physical desire to be with one another. In a relationship two people want to be in each others arms and never let one another go.
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    I too agree on the above thoughts shared on friendship and relationship.
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