Relationship Problems IS IT TIME TO LET GO

Discussion in 'Dating Advice' started by Tiffanimonroe85, May 19, 2015.

  1. Tiffanimonroe85

    Tiffanimonroe85 New Member

    Ok so I'm 19 years old and a college student , I'm really attractive and get a lot of attention from men on social media , I met my boyfriend on social media a year ago and we've been on an off since October of 2013 , I was in the process of dating his friend before him but ended up liking him more so we talked on the phone every night , hung out , he met my family I met his , we even contemplated marriage and having children in the future , the only problem is he says I'm "too friendly " on social media with guys and it's really disrespectful to him , and I am "friendly" in a way , if someone comments up under my pictures I will politely respond , "thank you " , but to him that's being "friendly" he even gets angry if guys comment up under my statuses and I respond, I don't know if it's an insecurity issue or what because he comments up under girl's pictures all the time and I Don't get angry , he also always accused me of cheating and he doesn't allow me to have male friends ,he thinks all my male friends secretly want to have sex with me . Okay, to get to the point , last week my boyfriend asked me for 250 dollars last week because he had to pay court fees , I am currently unemployed but I asked my dad for the money , unfortunately I was unable to get the money for him and he got angry and said he thought I didn't care if he went to jail which was completely untrue , but I mistakenly sent him a text meant for a friend that said " I Deleted it all , he's not gonna find out" and he flipped on me , he texted me and said ,"lose my number " I'm out of your life for good , you're single " " I don't want to be with you , I don't care anymore" . This really hurt me because he has walked out of my life before but never said those words to me they really hurt because this is the same guy that said he wanted to Marry me and I was the girl of his dreams . He's done many other things to hurt me in the past like lying about owning a car and some mysterious girl even Messaged me from his Twitter account saying she was with him for 11 MONTHS and that he had been driving HER CAR and I still forgave him for all that but I texted him trying to reason with him and see him one last time and all he said was , "k." I finally gave up and stopped texting him but I'm still hurt , I miss him , I'm in love with him but I don't know what to do.
  2. Unnaturalthings

    Unnaturalthings Active Member

    Yes, it's time to let go. A guy that hits you up for court fee money (which I assume is his own fault he needs to go to court) and then gets mad when you can't deliver is an ass. He is a grown man that needs to take care of his own business!

    My mom told me when I was younger that whenever a guy is really on you about cheating/flirting/accusing, it often means it's HIM who is doing the same things. It's a guilty conscience speaking up, pointing the finger away from him and onto you.

    I would not be quick to dismiss this other girls' claim of fooling around with him.

    He sounds like a handful
  3. Sally Amorim

    Sally Amorim New Member

    I think this guy is not normal woman need! Escape from him as fast as you can! He is cheater and lier. And responsible man will never ask his woman for money, if she has no opportunity to help with it.
    I suppose it will be hard for you to switch your attention to another person in the beginning, but you really need to make yourself do it, because it is the only way. I can recommend you a good book FREE BOOK : How To Find A Boyfriend -FO - Find The Real Love, it is for free.
    I've read it and in several months met a good man. Now he is my husband :)
  4. Merry_corazon

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    Girl I know it hurts and of course you miss him everything is still new! You will have better days but you have to go through this moment. As much as you want him back in your life. You need to work on yourself. I'm speaking of own experience.. been in a similar relationship previously. If he comes back he will but if not you will have to let go to suffer less. You need to love yourself more than anyone. You shouldn't seek love in other people but instead find you. Give youself time to heal and focus on becoming better. Show everyone that you way better than this. Supporting women is seriously so important. I made this blog to spread love to other people. Please take a look at it I believe you can get through this. You are a strong girl! Love youself a bit more <3
  5. William Hung

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