Sent my gf a surprise but she’s moving. HELP!

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    I’m having a huge problem right now guys. A few months ago, I pre-ordered a package to be delivered to my girlfriend overseas in Thailand. We met each other through a romance tour service more than a year ago and I’ve been planning this surprise since then.

    After we got together in a relationship, I bought her this awesome statue of a pink elephant which she’s been wanting since she was little. I was able to find one online with a very intricate design attached with some precious jewels.

    Since the statue was a bit expensive for my budget, I reserved and pre-ordered it until I was able to pay everything off. So, here’s my problem now, it’s turns out that she’s moving to another apartment in a couple of days and the package might arrive a few days afterwards.

    The timing could not have been more inappropriate! What do I do guys?? She doesn’t know yet where she’s moving to exactly since she’s still deciding which apartment to choose from so, I’m like a sitting duck here. Guys I really need some advice! I need help! What should I do?
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    Each country may be different, but you can contact the mail/ courier service whom you sent to at your city, tell them the issue, and then they will contact the thailand courier service (or they will give you the phone no) and the thailand office will call her cell phone number and she can pick it up from the courier office in thailand before it gets delivered to her apartment. She also can go there ahead of time to that office, if they can tell you which location office it is going to be sent to.(it is usually the nearest office to her location).

    Dr Sky

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