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Discussion in 'Sex Advice' started by Mejoco, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Mejoco

    Mejoco New Member

    I've been with my boyfriend for almost 8 years and sex was never issue until the last 2ish years.

    I've tried almost anything to want to have it but I just don't want too.

    Does anybody have some advice on what to do?
  2. Trish Maine

    Trish Maine New Member

    Its very easy to rekindle your desire for sex, it just happen that i was reading this book about that sort of thing you are facing. here are some of the points i got from it which you may try too
    Relax Reframe

    Include massage in your life. Massage will help you learn what it feels like to be physically relaxed. The cool thing about body work like massage is that you are de-stressing without having to think about it. Getting in the mood for sexy times just doesn’t happen when you are stressed and exhausted. Massage will help you get ready for sex by relaxing your body. When you are relaxed, being turned on is much easier which makes sex a lot more fun.
    more fun.
    Luscious Lingerie
    Invest in great undies and nightwear that you love. Don’t buy it to please anyone but yourself. I’m serious here. Spend as much as makes sense for you and your budget but buy something that makes you feel glamorous. This is all about you. There is something very arousing about wearing a beautiful, barely-there gown or baby doll. Try it, you’ll be surprised at how much you get turned on by doing nice things for yourself.
    cuddle candles
    Think about getting a couple of sexy scented candles that are only used when nooky is planned. When you are having sex with your man, having a favorite fragrant candle burning will enhance the romance of the moment of course, but it will also set you up for getting turned on in the future. Your brain will unconsciously associate the scent with the pleasure you had and then next time you smell that candle, it will help to get you in the mood again. Scientific research even backs this up!
    Which positions make you warm? Which ones turn you off? Knowing what actually turns you on and what turns you off is crucial to learning how to get in the mood for sex. plus many other things

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