Sex with a very tall guy and first time having sex with new guy

Discussion in 'Sex Advice' started by buttercup239, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. buttercup239

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    So,this is kind of awkward and graphic. The guy I am seeing is very tall. We are about to have sex very soon,probably this weekend,i am hoping. I want to. For me,things are more serious when sex happens and it feels like it's just about time,or almost time. Well,my first question is,i am nervous about the size difference. So far,when we kiss standing up,i always have to stretch my neck up to meet him,which i'm sure looks cute,but after awhile of making out,my neck gets sore. lol. i noticed that the next day after we kept making out all night while out. When we lay on his couch,the height difference is nothing and in fact,his build feels very nice on me because he is larger and it feels like he's covering me a lot which feels sexy and secure. For some reason,i feel really,really attracted to him more then i have been to any guy in a very long time when we kiss,it's like whoa. He is an amazing kisser. So,we clearly have spark so i'm guessing it'll grow even deeper now. We also have a mental spark. I remember when we kissed on our first date when he dropped me off,he moaned when he first kissed me which threw me off,and it was in a way like he was nervous and it just came out and he couldn't control himself,like a 16 year old having his first kiss with a really hot girl. I have a feeling we both drive each other very crazy. So,my first concern is sex with him based on his size down there. I don't want to be graphic,but it's well known the stereotype about tall guys,and well,it makes sense and everything else on him is so much bigger,it kinda seems that would have to be as well,though maybe not. His hands are so much huger then other guy's hands,his tongue is so much huger,and his tongue is so sexy. I am not one go crazy about a tongue,because,i mean,it's a tongue,who pays that much attention to a tongue, but it's so huge and wide in my mouth that it just feels really good. Idk,the kissing between us two,is just whoa. I don't usually date taller guys and am concerned the sex might hurt? I dated one taller guy before and he was bigger,and sex did hurt,and he is shorter a few inches then guy i'm dating now. I'm worried the sex might be painful because of him being big and how likely is he to be much bigger then average?

    I don't like sex on top especially for first time sex,and i know that's a recommended position. I'm hoping our first time sex can be slow,missionary and loving. But,i made a joke about doggie style about something and now wonder could be hoping for that since let's face it,probably all guy's favorite sex position but not my favorite for first time sex. I've also referenced something guy i dated before said about having having sex with me very roughly,and i know guy i'm dating now made a joke about a guy banging the s--- out of a girl so for all i know maybe that's what he is expecting or wanting plus since he is less experienced then me,maybe he doesn't know any better yet to not go too rough. He is the sweetest person so i know he'd never do anything wrong.

    My other issue is,he is so much more normal then other guys i dated,and i have a bit of a past. I usually like guys who are more idk weird in a way because they are less judgmental and i can just say things. I was sexually assaulted before and and have minor ptsd still and am worried about that affecting things. It's weird,but he is the only guy i feel fear to tell that,to. Other guys i wouldn't have feared telling and i'm sure they knew or did know for sure yet somehow this guy,i worry he'd judge me or something. It's weird. He judges things like friends with benefits and open relationships very negatively and normally i'm just super open with telling guys things if it comes up because that's how i am,but with him,i feel i have to guard it for awhile at least. I just want sex for us to go very smoothly. i'm not normally this nervous but with him being so normal,and slightly inexperienced,and the size difference between us and my past,i just wonder what tips to make this go smoother. He is someone I see sticking around for awhile and it's a much different kind of relationship then i'm used to lately,that's for sure. If something comes up during sex,i'll tell him otherwise,i'll wait until sometime when it comes up on it's own. So,yeah,that's what i'll do. if it comes up,it comes up,otherwise i'm not bringing it up. Also,the other thing,i lately have sex with guys much sooner,too and tend to prefer it,because then those nerves are out of the way,and you become closer,but with this guy,we've talked and talked and pretty much a couple,but not yet sex. It's just total opposite direction for me. It feels like high school all over again. :) He makes me feel young.I am worried about being bad at sex.
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    If I could place a bet on this one it would definitely be this: he feels the exact same with you! He's probably thinking the same things because you both obviously are really doing well together. You shouldn't have any problems as long as you GO SLOW. I agree, doggie style isn't for first time intimacy and I doubt he would try that. If he does then just a simple overrule, such as, "let's try this way our first time." If he is very inexperienced that isn't really a bad thing because he will probably be more attentive to what you say. You can take the lead easily as long as you tell him....that feels good, a little to fast or your pretty big not ready for you to go that deep, etc. Best of luck!
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    Yeah,i think so,too. well,mostly in my head,i was thinking is he going to kill me? lol. with the size difference but it probably won't be a big deal anyways and will work out i'm sure.
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    If he's all that then you'll have to take it slow until you get used to him.
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    Oh you're pissing me off so much. So you have a really hot tall and robust bf, you don't have to rub it in girl. He grew up with his large body frame, tall and strong built and probably above avrege penis, hopefully he knows how to use it to his advantage and not to hurt people...You are basically saying my bf is built like se'x god, i find that a problem. That pisses me off, but I'm also drunk right now so there's that...

    Se'x doesn't hurt if the guy is too big, it hurts if he's an idiot or you have a medical problem. Penetration of an un-lubricated vagina with the smallest penis out there will hurt and cause damage. How old are you? Your bf has always bin a big guy, he's been a big toddler and a big pre-teen and a big teen, lying about his age and dating older women, probably...Unless he's a total psycho he knows how to use his penis and hands and body to pleasure you not hurt you...God, you're pissing me off...

    OK is he sweet or a rapist? Rough sex is rape otherwise it's not rough. Rough means unpleasantly harsh.

    I don't even know what this means: "you have a bit of a past"??? Unless you're an infant we all have past. You are just in love with this guy more than you're been in love with previous guys so you are overthinking... A man being tall, well built, and robust cannot be bad for se'x he can actually do sexual positions shorter men can't. If you area tall woman only tall man can lift you up in his arms and make love and stuff a bunch of stuff shorter man can only do with a short girl...

    Stop overthinking.

    Nobody's going to judge you for being assaulted, but you don't have to lead with that as victim thing si not sexy, nobody wants to shag a victim. Act like a survivor tell him you have ptsd, you will share with him how you got it in time and gradually, but you need him to know you're weird in that way. (It's OK everyone's weird, and PTSD or PCOS people have chronic conditions we live with)

    Be honest about your se'x boundaries, and your anxiety about se'x and that you've survived some abuse in that respect...Inexperienced is a non issue, even if he's a virgin, se'x is a deep seated instinct, you guys get naked he will know what to do, if he's a keeper, that is... If not, he will be a pervert, or inhibited and not a keeper no matter his experience...(Your guy sounds lovely and not a creeper, or inhibizted at all=)

    Seriously, I could sum up your post like this, you are dating an amazing guy, you're totally into him and you're in for some awesome love making very soon, I hate you. Stop creating problems where there's none...If you want him on top just ask for it.... Doggy style will come on it's own, and so will you on top...He might just have a tendency to put you on top so you can control how deep he goes and also he's a big guy he can, you know, maneuver you on him without getting tired, but you can say you're shy and want him on top till you get the hang of se'x again...Just say it's been a while and you're feeling shy...

    Now quit overthinking and go see your amazing bf and make love to him...
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  6. eve.ashley

    eve.ashley Well-Known Member

    Or she will be so horny and lubricated that she will be asking him to ravish her like there's no tomorrow...You never know, she should just make love to her bf and not overthink it...He did not get his robust body and big bits overnight he grew into them, he knows how to use them...A tall guy asks and checks up on you, like is he hurting you, are you ok, and that can be super se'xy in it's own right...

    This pisses me off her bf is Tarzan in a good way, that's not a bad thing, aw my God...
  7. eve.ashley

    eve.ashley Well-Known Member

    Honey, he's not going to kill you, he's always been a big, strong, robust guy...Any man can hurt you if he's so inclined...If anything big men are more careful lovers...Well all men are more careful lovers if they are sane, but a big hand can spank harder than a small one, guys with big penis are extra gentle how they put it inside people and strong men that work out are in general more gentle, knowing they're strong...You should enjoy you're bfs amazing body not worry about it...
  8. eve.ashley

    eve.ashley Well-Known Member

    Also, do not bash all 16 year olds...:D Your man is a moaner and grunter it's a good thing, it's sexy...Nobody wants to shag a man doing the silent fish and not even liking you that much...I think he just likes you a lot, you lucky minx, you piss me off so much...You know a 16 year old man can make love like any age man...Se'x is an instinct and a talent...and feelings and chemistry...It's only coz you haven't had se'x with that many 16teen year olds that you have prejudice against them... A man would never think like this that a 16 or 18 year old girls would be less in bed, this is a typically female delusion, that a man has to be old to know se'x...A man is talented and has the personality of a good lover whether he's 16 or 40 makes no difference...I think you're bf is very se'xy inside and out and you're lucky and you should just do it nike style and not overthink it and communicate openly with him...
  9. Ian Trott

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    I think you enjoy lots during sex in different position.
  10. ularkusut

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    so how is the condition now? are you oke? did it hurt or it was a joyful night?

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