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    someone telling you luna trim you're useless, this can 'weigh' in your concepts. Your subconscious will absorb the message "I'm no good" which can cause you to 'stuff your feelings' with meals. If you don't release this 'weight' from the concepts, you won't release the burden from your body system. Are you ready to release the weight? You must be ready to release the burden once and for all. Imagine how you'll look when you extra bodyweight. What are you wearing? How do you feel? See yourself at your perfect bodyweight and see how you sense in your new personal whole body. Are you good? Are you vulnerable? Once you extra bodyweight, your everyday way of life will alternation in dramatic techniques. Make sure you're ready for your new way of life before you start your trip. When you're ready to release the burden, start luna trim strategy strategy book. Create down all of your dimensions such as dimension, bodyweight, stomach, arms, legs, etc...Take a image of yourself make it in your book and create BEFORE above it. You may want to take note of what you ate for the day as well. This is a powerful way to monitor your calories. When you use your primary objective, take a image of yourself, put it in your book, and create AFTER above your image. Look at how far you've come on your weight-loss journey! Tips to losing weight Visualize your perfect bodyweight. Throw out all of the processed meals. Buy clean and organic meals. Take vitamins and items. Join a gym. Walk around your neighborhood. Purchase exercise videos. Get a 'workout' buddy. Say affirmations such as "I am

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