Should You Tell A Woman You Just Met About Someone You Slept With 2.5 Weeks Ago?

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by r.mercer, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. r.mercer

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    8 months ago I met a special woman, neither one of us ever had an connection like this. She told me to just not hurt her like pass men have.

    Long story short, a week later I told her I could have a baby on the way less 2 hours after finding out about the pregnancy. she cut me off with in 3 weeks. She got back in touch with me just last week. She says she just wants to be "friends" and shes not looking to build anything. But I know she still has feelings for me.

    She said I betrayed her by not telling her about the woman that supposetly was carrying my baby. The only thing is, when me and this special woman first met I hadn't slept with the other woman in 2.5 weeks! I still hadn't slept with her 2 more weeks later.

    Please tell me if im wrong for not telling her about this woman when we first met.
  2. LoveAdmin

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    I don't think you are wrong... it's kind of what she thinks in this that matters though

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