Still can't forget those women from USA

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    I just have to get this off my chest. I hate to say this but I still have grudges over those women from USA. My girlfriend and I were on a vacation there last month. We were enjoying our brunch in North Carolina when this server approached us and told us to eat faster because the women across us felt uncomfortable. I asked why and how did we make them feel that way but the server just walked away. I was so bothered by it that I decently approached them and asked if they had any problem with us. You know what they told me? They said they didn’t like eating across an Asian (referring to my girlfriend). They even had the decency of telling me that a “white guy” like me doesn’t fit with some brownie. I really got insulted with what they said. My girlfriend and I are both born and raised in Europe. Just because she comes from an Asian family doesn’t mean they can throw out hate like that.

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